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A Old Man In Madina Viral Video Truth

A Old Man In Madina Viral Video link: This Old man's Video in Madina Going Viral On Arab Social Media| Urdu / Hindi.

Truth of A Old Man In Madina Viral Video?

Don't know why seeing these elders, I am getting a strange relief, it seems as if some companion has traveled in the original time and reached today's time and is looking at the world around him with surprise, how much time has changed, this big- Big buildings and houses were watching with great surprise, but 

A Old Man In Madina Viral Video

what happened next will keep your eyes open. Seeing this innocence and dress, this video became so viral in Arab countries that everyone started considering it as God because it was strange in the face. tight and sealed.

About A Old Man In Madina Viral Video

The people of Saudi Arabia have written about them, the beard, turban, dress and simplicity of these elders are such that it is as if this Sah Bhai Garam has returned, but in reality the information received about it will surprise you.

Who is this old man madina viral video

This old man is a resident of Pakistan and his name is Abdul Qadir Ali. In this Viral video, this old man goes out to find his companions with a stick in his hand. Someone recorded this video and uploaded it on social media. Those people liked it so much that it is being seen and shared all over the world.